The working day for B2B and B2C marketers are starting to look remarkably similar. Does this explain why more and more B2C marketers are switching to B2B? 

Marketing Week cites the old cliché that B2B stands for 'boring to boring' as it reports lines between the two disciplines blurring. Those who work in B2B know that it is anything but boring. In fact, I can't think of many more exciting places to be right now. But Is it even relevant to draw a distinction between the two these days?

Simple answer, yes – but that's changing fast. The enabler as in any other industry is technology. CRM, AI, automation and the ability to personalise content at scale is just as relevant to business audiences as it is to consumers. Technology in the marketing space is developing at bewildering pace. There was plenty of evidence of this at the B2B Ignite conference this week.

Two days ago, I spoke to an enabling technology vendor that is creating always on marketing systems for its clients. They are having extraordinary results and they are technologists, not marketers. Right now, this technology is being used for consumer marketing, but the best brains in the marketing business are already looking at how this can be applied to business audiences.

Buying is getting a great deal more complicated. 

Anyone who has a solution sell - something that is not a simple buy/don't buy decision – knows that to be effective, you have to personalise. It's given rise to the whole discipline of account based marketing. So how is this noticeably different than personalising content for consumers? The message and media might be different but the technology underpinning them are exactly the same.

In five years will the terms B2B and B2C even exist?