Now is not the time to be playing politics. I buried my head in my hands when new of the second lockdown started to leak. I am vehemently [privately] opposed to the action and the damage it will do to the fabric, psyche and people of this country, but the decision has been made and I, like you, must live with it.

Keir Starmer can 'criticise the delay' as much as he likes, but sniping at the PM isn't leadership, it's the opposite. Even if he is correct, his action is destructive not constructive.

Right now, our leaders need to reinforce the positives to keep a firm hand on the tiller of business. 

Lockdown I caught many businesses by surprise. For those that were not forced to close by government action, the prospect of trading profitably seemed nigh on impossible. But, seven months later many businesses have made profits throughout. So let's not panic.

There's no reason why this sequel has to be worse. Believe you can prosper and [within reason] you will.